Here are some of the stallions we have for sale.

We choose to keep our friesians as a stallion as long as possible because they all have perfect ground manners.

On request, our stallions can be sold as a gelding.

For more information feel free to contact us.





Friesian stallion

Hendrik van de Slothoeve


Beauty, grace, elegance, great movement and height, Hendrik has it all.This sensitive and well mannered stallion has the potential to be the best no matter what you are going to ask him to do. He has the ability to collect as well as to extend his gaits in a split second.

Watching Hendrik "dance"in the....







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Sold as a Gelding

Beart 411 x Jochem 259



Friesian stallion


Sold as a Gelding

Jasper 366 x Folkert 353



Sold as a Gelding

Jasper 366 x Gradus 356