friesian mare


This gorgeous mare is suitable for any rider. Want to go out for a hack? With Janouk you can go by yourself or with a group....


Friesian ster mare

Sjoukje L (ster)

Sjoukje L is a stermare and trained under saddle. Easy to ride and friendly character. Currently at our stables as a breeding mare.


Friesian mare


Diana van de Slothoeve is a very nice looking friesian mare. She has very nice gaits and a very powerful trot. Diana has temperament and currently trained to drive. 

Friesian ster mare

Minke (ster)

Minke is a very sweet and calm ster mare (Olof 315). Minke is trained to ride and to drive. She has competed in both dressage as well as driving(single-, pair- and four in hand driving).


She has good ground manners and is very gentle natured. Not shy of traffic.





Friesian mare


Trained to ride.


    Not found what you are looking for? Feel free to contact us and we can help you finding the friesians of your dreams.

Feikje van de Slothoeve (model)


Teunis 332 x Olof 315




Emke L


Onne 376 x Gradus 356







Harmen 424 x Tsjerk 328